Who mandates the need or requirement for duct testing in California?
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The most current energy standards that are in effect are from July 1, 2014. The newest standards will again change and will take effect January 1, 2015. Standards change every 3 years. Those new standards can be found here: http://www.energy.ca.gov/efficiency/blueprint
The California Energy Commission http://www.energy.ca.gov/commission is the state's primary energy policy and planning agency. Created by the Legislature in 1974 and located in Sacramento. Testing has not been required until 2001 for new construction.
Title 24 HERS (Home Energy Rating Services) HVAC Duct Inspection Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most current requirments under Title 24 Part 6 HVAC
Currently if any major component is changed or replaced during a repair or replacement, duct testing is required. Upgrade, change, or modify the duct system with more than 40 linear feet involved and duct testing is required. And of course new system installation requires duct testing. The standards though for the repair, modification of an existing duct system is different than those requirements for a new installation and there are some exceptions where duct testing is not required.
What are the current standards for duct testing?
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